What Customers Say

This is a selection of feedback I received from my customers. For reasons of discretion I chose not to reveal personal and company names.

“When cooperating with Mirjam Rolfe I especially appreciated her enthusiasm for our change project and her identification with our organization.”

“Mirjam Rolfe embodies endurance and perseverance. She has the courage to speak up, brings motivation to the team and treats everyone with respect and appreciation.”

“Many things would not have been possible without your know-how, ideas and positive attitude. Thank you!”

“Everyone has strenghts. Sometimes we tend to forget this or are disconnected from our energy. A few hours of intensive work with Mirjam Rolfe were sufficient for me to reactivate those energies. Thank you so much.”

“The career coaching at Chances in Change was skillful and efficient. Mirjam Rolfe helped me find my “plan B” which I needed badly. I didn’t think I could be so happy at work again. The process was fun and a real eye-opener.”

“We booked Mirjam Rolfe for the planning and facilitation of our leadership conference. Instead of monologs and tons of PowerPoint decks we enjoyed dialog, insightful discussions and real results. This was definitely worth the effort. Thank you for being different.”

“During the first meeting together with our HR colleague, Mirjam Rolfe convinced me with her concentrated attitude, her open, friendly personality and the targeted questions.”