Chances for Leaders

  • Coaching & Sparring

You wish to reach your goals more efficiently and to act with confidence? The pressure you are under wears you down and you want to be more resilient? Do you want to know how to lead employees and teams who suffer from stress? As your coach and sparring partner I work with you in a goal and solution-oriented manner in English, German and Swiss German.

  • Communication & Team Development Workshops

You want your (international) team to work together more constructively and effectively? You would like them to discover the opportunities in their diversity and to communicate with mutual respect within the team and with other colleagues? In these workshops, your team will learn how to work on the basis of their individual motives and strengths. They will get to know and use practical communication tools and know-how.

  • Facilitation Trainings

Your meetings are not efficient enough? There is a lot of talking and not so much deciding or implementing? I show you what it takes to be a good facilitator. You will learn how to structure your meetings and make them both efficient and motivating.

  • Conflict Resolution & Mediation

You currently are dealing with a conflict with your colleagues? Your team is struggling with disputes or a disagreement is hindering cooperation?
I will support you in resolving conflicts and help create a strong foundation for future cooperation.

I look forward to hearing from you. Let’s clarify what you need to get ahead.