Individual Chances

  • Career Coaching & Consulting

Are you unhappy with your job situation and would like to develop a “Plan B”? You will retire shortly and wish to prepare for this new stage of life?

  • Strengths Coaching & Training

You wish to better understand your motives and strengths? You want to align your life with them to experience more enthusiasm and performance?

  • Conflict Resolution & Mediation

You currently deal with a conflict in your private or professional life? You wish to resolve it and create a strong relationship?

  • Resilience Training & Burnout Prevention

You suffer from pressure and complexity either at work or in your private life? Are you worn out, exhausted or disillusioned? You wish to be stronger and more dynamic?

  • Support after a burnout

Have you suffered a burnout and are on your way to get better? Do you wish to re-focus your life to find long-term energy and joy?

Let’s get together to see what will help you right now.

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