In my work, I combine my passion for:

  • People, learning and communication

As individuals, teams and organizations we evolve a great deal when we put people first, focus on their strengths, needs and ideas, trust others and ourselves and dare to face the unknown.

My work is based on the idea of:

  • Chances in Change – Inspiring Development

“Chances in Change” means to seize opportunities. Be active and enjoy your professional and private life. I am convinced: All situations offer opportunities to learn.

“Change” does not mean to alter who people are. It means to discover what is already good in organizations, teams and individuals and to use existing talents. It means to align our behavior with positive goals and to communicate our needs. The result is more resilience, health and innovation – for organizations, teams and individuals.

The key to this:

  • understand – create – communicate

Learn to better understand yourself, your organization and others and to know what you really wish to achieve. Keep in mind the interdependencies and focus on where you see the most potential. Take responsibility and create opportunities by experimenting, learning and adapting. Communicate in a way that strengthens your relationships. In organizations encourage teams to use their individual strengths. Foster a creative learning environment, support cooperation and innovation across borders and generations.

  • Promoting health, happiness and innovation

Research has shown: Those who live and work based on their strengths and focus on their resources can avoid or overcome exhaustion and burnout, benefit from diversity and understand pressure as challenge. Innovation and change are no longer considered insurmountable, they become opportunities.

This approach is the foundation of my offering for individuals, organizations, leaders and (project) teams both on a national and international level.