Chances for Organizations

  • Organizational Development & Change Management

Your organization is facing change and you want it to be sustainable? Or you are in the middle of a transformation, but it is not working as planned? I will support you in navigating through change and in fostering a learning culture in your organization.

  • Workshops & Trainings

Are you looking for inspirational, well structured workshops and sustainable trainings for your leaders, project managers and high potentials, that are in line with your company’s strategy, guiding principles and objectives? Developing inspiring workshops and trainings and supporting individual learning are my passion.

A choice of topics:

  • Changeability – how to master it?
  • Positive Culture and Organizational Energy
  • Resilience – Fostering strength and endurance in individuals, teams and organizations
  • Positive Leadership
  • Storytelling
  • Appreciative and effective communication (Non-violent Communication)

  • Creativity Lab
  • Strategy development
  • Resilience Consulting

You wish to reduce the pressure on your leaders, strengthen motivation and health in your employees and to reduce medical leaves? I will support you in using the competitive edge of resilient companies.

  • Facilitation & Public Speaking

You are looking for a keynote speaker who will inspire the audience, inform and surprise them? You need an experienced facilitator to structure your meeting and encourage dialog? I facilitate events and present in English, German and Swiss German.

A choice of topics:

  • Healthy Innovation – how to move from pressure to opportunity?
  • Resilience as a competitive edge
  • Changeability – a myth?
  • The secrets of Learning Organizations
  • Positive Psychology and its relevance for successful companies
  • Strength-based team development
  • Positive Leadership: far from sugar-coating!

Please contact me for more topics and stakeholder tailoring. I look forward to your call or message.

Let’s discuss what offer will fulfill your needs and help you achieve your goals.