Chances for Teams

Team Development

Would you like to grow closer as a team, to better support each other and to be creative together?

In these workshops you will learn how to strengthen your team spirit, to increase your performance as a group while having fun.

Diversity Trainings & Workshops

Are you faced with difficulties as a virtual team? You work across borders and generations and have to deal with misunderstandings, inefficient work and a lack of structure?

I will support you in overcoming these borders and fostering mutual understanding. You will learn how to cooperate efficiently and creatively as a team.

Conflict Resolution & Mediation

You are annoyed by the disagreements in your team or about the quarrels between colleagues? You wish to finally get back to a dynamic and focused teamwork?

I help you resolve conflicts in a constructive and sustainable manner and to build a strong foundation for your future cooperation.

Communication trainings and workshops

Do you have different communication styles in your team and often misunderstand each other?

Together we will strengthen your team’s communication capabilities.


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